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Now heading to our film festival's 3rd season, BIMIFF Magazine also heads to its third issue.  In this new volume, our magazine will feature many more incredible films and artists in reviews, interviews, and press releases throughout our publication. Besides these incredible projects and artists featured on our pages, we will have the return of Lebanese filmmaker Pamela Nassour with a brand new article talking about Art Direction, but especially about Color Palettes and the traps for filmmakers and students hidden underneath them. 
In this edition, our main article will deal with a strong subject: Cinema and Education, but most of all the impact on how the lecturing of art can change the people regardless of their social, economical and cultural backgrounds. In this main article, our writers interviewed the representatives of two wonderful Educational Institutes: MAZ - Associação Artística (Brazil) and MODOK Institute of Arts (Nigeria). And to go even deeper into the craft of education and the power of art, we also have an exclusive interview with Brazilian-Canadian artist and educator Jadson Caldeira.


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